Cadillac Escalade White Limo

20 PAX

The insane exterior is covered in Pearl White paint, which is complemented by bright trim work and a shiny multi-faceted grille. The wheels continue the polished look, but frankly, it looks like those tires are straining a little under the added weight.

Regardless, the most obvious draw of this custom 2022 Cadillac Escalade limo is the interior. Step inside and you’ll find a wild custom treatment dripping with color, organic shapes, and A/V equipment. Bench seating runs along the sides, and there’s a spot to fix a drink as well. The look is pretty psychedelic – no doubt, this thing is ready to party.

Additionally, ingress and egress is aided via a gullwing-style hatch that pops up in the middle of the vehicle, ready to make an entrance. Traditional doors are in the rear.

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